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pedal board

How I assembled my Pedal Board

I did a lot of research when choosing a Pedal Board to mount all of my pedals. I wanted something that was going to fit perfectly into a hard case.  After a lot of research I chose the PedalTrain 2.  I have added some photos and listed some materials you will need.PedalTrain 2This unit will easi ...
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Acoustic Guitar Humidifiers

Living in Alberta, Canada, we know all about low humidity.  I keep the house humidity as close to 35-40% as I can get it, but the guitars can suffer.  From researching I have learned you should always keep your acoustics in their cases with a Hygrometer monitoring the humidity, as well as some kin ...
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Fret Board Markers, learn the scales faster!

Categories: Practice Aids
Now I wouldn't recommend sticking these to your best guitar, or leaving these on for any extended length of time, as my guess is they could leave behind some adhesive and possibly damage your guitar.  However, I find these to be a great tool for learning the scales. ...
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Strap Locks

Ever had your guitar strap slip off your guitar?  Keep this from happening with some Strap Locks.  These install easily on your guitar and most straps.TIP: While performing your regular guitar maintenance, always check to make sure strap locks are screwed securely in your guitar. These will loose ...
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Stay in tune: Upgrade to Grover Tuners

You've got your guitar all tuned up, now keep it in tune!  I found these Grover Machine Heads do exactly what they say they will, and they look 'way' better than the factory Gibson ones.Shown 18:1 Rotomatics for Les Paul ...
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Shown Gisbon Les Paul Hard Shell Case

Get a hard shell case

Categories: Guitar Care
If you plan on taking your guitar anywhere, you should have a hard shell case.   Although the soft shell cases do provide some level of protection, honestly how careful can you be?  It's pretty easy to drop your prized instrument.  It is my understanding that the Gibson hard shell (white plush) ...
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Never played before? begin here, with ROCKSMITH.

Purchased a guitar?  Sitting collecting dust?  This is a GREAT way to learn all the basics and keep you interested in playing every day.  The best thing about this game is that you will feel like every time you play, you have learned something, if even only one little step.I started playing guit ...
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AmpliTube iRig Mobile Guitar Amp

Carry all your effects and a pair of headphones in your guitar case.  As long as you have your iPhone with you, you are rockin!This is also the cable that you use to plug your guitar into your iPad for use with Garage Band.shown AmpliTube iRig  ...
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electro-harmonix Big Muff π (with Tone Wicker)

This was the first effects pedal I went looking for. Being a huge Black Keys fan, Dan has been known to be a big user of the Big Muff π. Sounds absolutely wonderful when played through a tube amplifier, LOUD.View Post shown the Big Muff π, one of my favorite pedals ...
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BOSS TU-3 Tuner

The First Pedal you should be putting on your Pedal Board (and first in the chain).The BOSS TU-3 needs no introduction.  This is simply the best stomp box tuner.shown the BOSS TU-3 tuner, works with bass, acoustic and electric.  ...
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